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Have you been bugged?
There are several TV shows today that portray to uncover wire tapping, placing listening devices in an office, intercepting communication, check ones location by their cell phone, listen through walls, plant devices and listen from miles away. TV also makes it look as though it can be performed on the fly with no planning and preparation at all. In the real world, these task can be accomplished, but not without much reconnaissance, planning, technical ability, and know how.

At Advanced Technology Investigations we get called out to homes, offices, and large corporations to conduct TSCM sweeps to look for attempts to eavesdrop either because of a key employee that has left a company or has been terminated, or a discovery of intellectual property leaking out to others, and many other reasons one may feel the need to gain an edge with someone else’s information. In today’s world, eavesdropping isn’t just performed by placing a listening device in a room or placing a recorder on a phone line. The growing technology capabilities that the average person has access to today can cause a lot of damages to a person or company if used in an illegal ways to spy on a person or company. In years past a TSCM professional wouldn’t think about a computer or a cell phone as a way to bug someone, but with the rise of spyware companies all over the internet it is a common tool used by persons illegally to bug your personal information in order to gain an edge or harm you.

When choosing an Agency to conduct a professional TSCM sweep, be sure you do your due diligence on that company to make sure you know what equipment they will be using, if any of their Agents have backgrounds in electrical systems, telephone systems, and someone who is a certified digital forensics examiner to check cell phones and computers for spyware, keyloggers, remote connections, and hacking intrusions. Leaving out checking of cell phones and computers can leave a possible threat in place after spending a lot of money for this professional service.

If you feel your personal or confidential information has been compromised or you would like a security assesment to help prevent this from happening to you or your company, give us a call and schedule an appointment with one of our TSCM professionals to discuss your needs. Call today at 336-298-1556

When Should I Hire a Private Investigator?

When Should I Hire a Private Investigator? Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC has Private Investigators for Greensboro, High Point, and the Winston Salem NC triad areas ready to be deployed on your case. Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC is Your one source Private Investigator based in Greensboro NC.

Client’s often come to us after their situation has been going on for awhile. We certainly understand that each person will try to figure out what is going on without spending a lot of money and time. There is shock, disbelief, denial, anger, depression and other emotions that a person may go through during a difficult time. Putting everything together and trying to maintain your normal daily obligations and task often lets valuable time go by in gathering evidence. We at Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC understand all these challenges and issues, and we want you to know that we are here for you at whatever state your situation may be at.

Our Greensboro NC Private Investigators can deploy to your Investigative task in a rapid, discrete, and confidential manner with a precise plan to get your case on track with discovering valuable evidence that you may use in Court. Often if a suspect is tipped off that someone may be on to them, the suspect will start to cover their tracks and hide what they are doing even better than before. Rest assure that even if the suspect has deleted vital evidence, Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC is Certified in Digital Forensics with Computers and Cell Phones to recover that deleted data. Other covert operations will be performed in the field to uncover other activities happening now, and possibly what has happened previously.

If you suspect you have a possible case that needs the skills of a Private Investigator, we offer a FREE No Obligation Consultation to help you sort out things to determine if the time is right to start your Investigation. Call us today at 336-298-1556.

Family Law Investigations

Family Law Investigations – Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC is a Private Investigation Agency centrally located in Greensboro, NC and serving High Point and Winston Salem as well. Family Law Investigations are very important to Client’s of Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC in order to discover the truth in marital misconduct, and in order to protect the safety and well being of their children during and after a Family law case.

A Family Law case can require lots of Investigative resources in order to discover evidence of Marital misconduct. Our Private Investigators come from a diverse range of backgrounds, and receive continuing training to stay up to date with the latest Investigative task and equipment to give our Client’s the best evidence we can possibly provide. All of our Investigation are conducted in house from our Greensboro office, and do not get sub-contracted out to third parties unless it is an unusual situation where it would be beneficial for the Client financially in a situation such as conducting surveillance out of town. Our Greensboro Private Investigators are Certified in Digital Forensics on cell phones, computers, iPads, notebooks and most any electronic device that can hold data.

Some of the typical services we provide in a Family Law Investigation is by physical surveillance, tracking where the person goes and who he/she may be with, identifying the suspect, conducting background Investigations on suspects, conducting asset searches, and discovering deleted communication with cell phones and computers. Our Family Law Investigations come with a Free No Obligation Consultation so we can put together a budget price for you to get the most evidence as possible within your means.

Don’t let the evidence in your Family Law case get away and leave you in the dark. Don’t leave evidence sitting on the table un-discovered either. Call our Greensboro NC Private Investigators today for all your Family Law Investigation needs. Call Now at: 336-298-1556.

FREE Investigation Tips Using Online Tools

Free Investigation Tips Using Online Tools – Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC is located in Greensboro, NC and serves Client’s in the Greensboro, High Point, and Winston Salem triad areas. Our Private Investigators will travel to any place in North Carolina during the course of your Investigation as well as other States across the USA.

Many of our Client’s come to us after they have exhausted their attempts to locate and identify a person in their situation. Below, we have put together some FREE online tools in which anyone can use to help you with your own research that may save you money with your case. Please note that any online website that says FREE, is most likely old data, but depending on what you are looking for, it may reveal exactly what you are looking for.

Often we forget about some of the simple lookup tools, like www.whitepages.com. White pages is a great tool to do a reverse address, reverse phone search, and it gives you other bonuses like other persons listed at the address, and an age range.

The next tool our Greensboro Private Investigators recommends is the website www.zabasearch.com. Zabasearch is a little more comprehensive in the results it returns, and it has an advanced search function in which you can be specific with what you are looking for. I have found that zabasearch returns results that can be very useful such as date/year of birth, address, address history, phone numbers, and middle initials. Even though the results are similar to White Pages, you get a few extras that can give you more solid results. Below is an example of what you will see with a search with zabasearch.

Tom H Smith More Info on Tom H Smith Check for Email Address Google
1313 Mockinbird ln
Siler City, NC 27344 (919) xxx-xxxx Confirm Current Phone & Address
Background Check on Tom H Smith

Tom J Smith More Info on Tom J Smith Check for Email Address Google
300 No Street Ter
Greensboro, NC 27403 (336) xxx-xxxx Confirm Current Phone & Address
Background Check on Tom J Smith

Tom S Smith More Info on Tom S Smith Check for Email Address Google
552 Better Goto Church Rd
Princeton, NC 27569 (910) xxx-xxxx Confirm Current Phone & Address
Background Check on Tom S Smith

Conducting your research before you come to your Investigator can save you some money, but always have your Investigator to verify the information you have found to make sure it is not outdated. An Investigation take team work, and our Greensboro Private Investigators at Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC are glad to be YOUR one source Private Investigator.

Google Search Tips

Google Search Tips – How many times have you conducted a search on google and it returned over a million results? It can be quite frustrating to pick and choose from those million results to find what you are looking for. Today, I’m going to give you some google search tips to help make your task much easier. At Advanced Technology Investigations we conduct internet searches most every day using advanced google searches as one of our many tools to quickly find useful information in the coarse of our investigations.

Google searches have many algorithms that return results depending on what you plug into the search box. The more you can tell google about what you are looking for, the better the results that will be returned. Think about the things that are going through your mind as you are thinking about your search, also think about the terms that may be similar that you may want to NOT show up in your results. Google will allow you to be as specific or as broad as you want to search, so with that in mind lets look at some terms and methods to help get your search targeted.

“office supplies greensboro” When you want to narrow down a search to give you broad but defined topic try putting your term or phrase in parentheses.

Site: office depot.com – If you only want to search a specific website, then start your search with the term “site:” in from of the website you want to search.

sticky notes site: officedepot.com– Now include what you are looking for in front of the word “site:” then include the specific website you would like to search from.

related: starting your search with “related:” will return results related to the word or phrase of your search.

link: If you are looking for a link to get you to someplace specific, just add “link:” before your search term.

phone: john_doe – Looking for a phone number of someone on the internet, no problem, just use “phone:” before the name your looking for.

intitle: A specific title can be easily found with the function “intitle:”

cache: – Cache is a page that google took a snapshot of on an earlier date that may show you information that may not exist on the website today.

+ – Putting the plus or minus sign in front of your search term will exclude words using the minus, and include all words with the plus sign.

left or right – Adding the word “OR” between two words can be useful if your trying to find out which similar term will return the most relevant results you are searching for.

I hope this short tutorial will make your searches on Google much more productive for you. Here is a link from Google that can help you remember some of the most used advanced search methods to assist you. http://www.google.com/advanced_search

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Google Search Tips from Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC
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