About – Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC is dedicated to providing Expert Private Investigations to Corporations, Individuals, and Attorney’s for civil and criminal cases. Each Investigation is reviewed by our Chief Private investigator, David Shelton during your Free Consultation meeting. During the interview, the Chief Detective and the Client will discuss the most economical strategy to assist you, in order to obtain the very best feasible results.  Our objective is to make the investigation as effective and as productive as possible, providing you our best efforts, to get you the results you deserve. You don’t have to be the Victim any longer. Don’t wait until it’s too late and your evidence is gone. Call Today to learn about our services!

Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC., is YOUR one source Private Investigation Firm. Since 2009, our Agency has offered Professional and Confidential Investigations. Our experience and Advanced Technology skills is unmatched by others. As well as working most any General case you may have, our Investigators are Licensed in cell phone forensics, computer forensics, covert video and installation, GPS automobile tracking, cyber incident response, E-mail Tracing, cyber stalking and bullying crimes, electronic countermeasures/de-bugging solutions, spyware and intrusion detection, and eDiscovery. Call Your Greensboro Private Investigator Today for your FREE Consultation and learn more about our services! 336-298-1556

Advanced Technology Investigations takes on the challenges in your case, so you can focus on your regular daily activities, while we do what we do BEST!


Certifications and License Held by David Shelton

  • North Carolina Licensed Countermeasures Investigator
  • North Carolina Licensed Private Investigator
  • Certified Mobile Forensics Examiner
  • Certified Digital Forensics Examiner
  • AccessData Forensics Examiner
  • Certified Cyber Intelligence Investigator
  • Certified Computer Forensics Examiner
  • Certified Hacking Computer Investigator
  • Counterintelligence Threat Analyst
  • Certified Windows Recovery
  • Spyware and Intrusion Detection and Removal
  • Expert Email Tracer
  • Certified Internet Predator Tracker / Instructor
  • Court Approved Digital Forensics Expert Witness
  • Ethical Hacking Training
  • Certified Alarm Technician
  • Certified Pre-Employment and Background Detective
  • Certified Process Server
  • Covert video, Design and installation
  • Certified Continuing Education Instructor
  • North Carolina Carry Conceal Permit
  • Black Belt: Tae Kwon Do
  • Black Belt: Combat Hapkido
  • CDT: Tactical Control and Weapons Disarmament level III

Who David Shelton Trains With

  • AccessData
  • BK Forensics
  • Cellular Forensics, LLC
  • Cyber, LLC
  • FBI Infragard
  • Mile2 Training
  • EC-Council
  • Information Assurance Certification Review Board
  • National Association of Investigative Specialist
  • Texas A&M Cyber Security Response
  • The Training Company
  • National Institute of Security Enhancement
  • InfoSec Institute
  • McAfee Institute
  • High Tech Crime Investigation Association
  • World Mobile Forensics Conferences
  • Techno Security Conferences
  • North Carolina Association of Private Investigators
David Shelton Holds the Below State License
  • Private Investigator # 3578
  • Electronic Countermeasures # 175
  • Burglar Alarm license # 1761-CSA (Inactive)
  • Electrical Contractor # 18064-L (Inactive)


Mr. Shelton has spoken at a number of Investigation Association Conferences throughout the USA, and is available for speaking at your next training Conference. If you would like to have David Shelton speak at your next conference, just give me a call.

Mr. Shelton has been qualified as an expert witness in the court of law many times in the area of digital forensics with cell phone and computer forensics. Below are other areas we are qualified to testify in.

Cell Phone Forensics

Computer Investigations

Cyber Investigations

Electronic Countermeasures

Digital Video, Covert & Overt