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Private Investigator services serving Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem NC. Hire the Investigations company you can trust, Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC is your Private Investigator of choice in Greensboro NC. eDiscovery, Cheating Spouse, Corporate Investigations, Criminal Investigations, Digital Forensics to Cyber Investigations and TSCM, We are Your "Go To" Private Investigation Agency of Choice.

Cheating Spouse

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Cheating Spouse Statistics show social interaction has taken cheating to another level. If you feel your Spouse is up to no good which threatens your family's stability and well being, our Investigators in Greensboro NC are here to help you discover the truth that you deserve . We implement technology using eDiscovery into your Investigation to get you the best evidence possible. Don't wait until its too late, Call Today! [Learn More...]

Corporate Investigations

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Our experienced Investigators work closely with Corporate Client's to assist in areas of eDiscovery and evidence preservation, Fraud, Theft, Executive Protection, Cyber Attack Incident Response, and Electronic Countermeasures. Our highly trained Agent's are ready to be deployed to you in the Greensboro, High Point, and Winston Salem triad areas to perform an assessment of your situation and work with your team. [Learn More...]

Digital Forensics

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Your source for eDiscovery in Greensboro North Carolina for Civil and Criminal cases. Our Agency is Certified in Cell Phone and Computer Forensics. Deleted Data recovery from Computers and Cell Phones requires forensic tools, training, and experience that WE have for you at our Greensboro NC lab! Are you leaving evidence laying on the table in your case? Call us for a FREE Consultation to find out how we can help you. [Learn More...]

Cyber Investigations

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Conducting Cyber Investigations takes the skills of an experienced team of specially trained Digital Forensics and Cyber Intelligence Professionals . No individual or business is immune to this rapidly growing threat. Call our Experienced Team of Cyber Professionals at Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC. [Learn More...]


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Bug and Wire Tap Detection. Are you a victim of wire taping, eavesdropping, illegal tracking and harassment? Are your corporate secrets going out the door? Do you suspect Spyware on your Computers and Cell Phone? Call NOW for a FREE Consultation from a safe phone line and get your Privacy back! [Learn More...]

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